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Acoustic Imaging Consulting Services

System Solutions

Founded in 1997 by geophysicist and geologist, Dr Douglas Bergersen, Acoustic Imaging offers innovative solutions for marine geophysical projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company's team,  lead by team leaders with decades of experience in the field, combines a practical blend of offshore experience with industry-leading tools for total survey and system solutions. This includes analysing the project objectives and survey environment, recommending suitable equipment and end products to satisfy the client, and consulting throughout the life span of the venture.

Interacting with a network of industry experts and equipped with some of the most sophisticated software on the market, Acoustic Imaging can provide an optimal solution for every project.

System solutions include:

  • Consulting on offshore survey techniques including multibeam sonar; sidescan sonar; subbottom profiler; seismic data acquisition; processing, analysis; and interpretation
  • System Integration 
  • Project management
  • Professional report writing, editing and reviews

Data Management

The Acoustic Imaging team has ample experience in producing the data deliverables required for the offshore industry. From fully validated hydrographic data sets to sidescan sonar mosaics to reflector horizons and isopachs from subbottom profiler and seismic data, we have the tools and data management schemes in place to accurately and efficiently administer your project to a successful conclusion.

Data management services include:

  • Survey planning
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis, interpretation, and validation
  • Technical report writing

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