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Marine Hardware and Software

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  Products We Lease

R2Sonic Wide Swath System

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R2Sonic Broadband / Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounders represent the latest in advanced underwater acoustic technology. The Sonic systems produce reliable and remarkably clean data with maximum user flexibility through all range settings. Over 20 selectable operating frequencies are available to chose from within the 200 to 400kHz bandwidth, thus providing flexibility over resolution, range, and interference from other active acoustic systems. Equidistant beam spacing, roll stabilization and unique automated range, gate and slope tracking functions are incorporated for Sonic systems, increasing system overall efficiency

Acoustic Imaging can sell any R2Sonic model as part of a hydrograhic system. The R2Sonic systems offered for lease by Acoustic Imaging include a single head R2Sonic 2022 system, a dual head 2020 configuration specifically designed for shallow water environments. Usable swath widths of 7.5-8x water depth are achievable, with the full complement of bathymetry, backscatter (including multifrequency) and water column data recorded as required.


Applanix POS MV

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The Applanix POS MV is a user-friendly, turnkey system designed and built to provide accurate position, heading, attitude, heave, and velocity data of your marine vessel and remote sensing equipment. With over one thousand systems deployed worldwide, POS MV is field-tested and proven in all conditions. POS MV blends GNSS data with angular rate and acceleration data from an IMU, and heading from GPS Azimuth Measurement System (GAMS) to produce a robust and accurate full six degrees-of-freedom position and orientation solution.
All POS MV models are designed for use with multibeam sonar systems, enabling adherence to IHO (International Hydrographic Survey) standards on sonar swath widths of greater than ± 75 degrees under all dynamic conditions. At the entry-level is the POS MV SurfMaster, which delivers robust georeferencing for small platforms, both manned and unmanned. Fully supported by Applanix’ industry leading post processing software, POSPac MMS, SurfMaster delivers roll and pitch accuracy to 0.03 degrees. Wavemaster II is ideal for safety-of-navigation geoferencing and smaller vessels and OceanMaster is designed for increasingly difficult conditions and performance requirements on long straight baselines. The POS MV Elite is for users seeking the very highest level of performance available to the industry.

Acoustic Imaging is a certified reseller for Applanix marine products and offers the following units for lease or demonstration to select clients:

V5 RTK POSMV 320 (Oceanmaster) RM and RTK POS MV OceanMaster TI IP68 SFF

V5 RTK POSMV WaveMaster SFF IP68 Ti

V5 RTK POSMV SurfMaster SFF IP68 Ti


Innomar SES-2000

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The SES-2000 series of mobile parametric sub-bottom profilers with echo-sounder functionality are designed for shallow water (1m to 400m) investigations where resolution is paramount. Parametric sound generation guarantees an outstanding spatial resolution due to the transmission of short focused sound pulses at high ping rates (up to 50pps). All channels are recorded digitally, but analogue outputs are available as well.

The narrow-beam SES-2000 Compact model owned by Acoustic Imaging is ideally suited for small boat, shallow water surveys. The transducer can be pole- or hull-mounted and interfaces to common GNSS and motion sensor strings to provide accurate georeferenced and corrected profiles of the seabed and subsurface. Penetration is dependent on sediment types but the Compact system has been proven to image 5-8m in sand environments (generally considered the most difficult sediments to penetrate).

Applications include the detection of sediment structures for dredging and geological surveys as well as searching embedded objects like pipelines, boulders or archaeological artefacts. Centre frequency and bandwidth (pulse length) can be adjusted over a wide range according to the application using a user-friendly data acquisition and control software.

Acoustic Imaging is a certified reseller for Innomar products and offers a SES-2000 Compact system for lease or demo to select clients.



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QINSy is a feature-rich, industry leading software package used for hydrographic data acquisition, navigation, and processing. The suite of applications can be used for various types of projects ranging from simple single beam echo sounder surveys to complex offshore construction works.

As the Asia-Pacific VAR for QPS products Acoustic Imaging can recommend the appropriate QINSy baseline bundle for you, along with necessary add-ons to achieve the best survey results. We provide local support for all QINSy sales and can provide assistance in interfacing the software with your current survey equipment spread.

Acoustic Imaging also offers QINSy as a lease option for shorter term projects.


QPS Fledermaus

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Fledermaus is the market leader in interactive 3D visualisation and analysis software for marine information. The software suite allows clients to explore, analyse, manipulate and gain knowledge from their data by representing very large complex amalgamations of information in an intuitive and interactive environment. Consolidating all data in a virtual reality space allows new insights to be rapidly gained and more information to be extracted within a given time period. Capabilities of Fledermaus include data editing/validation, profile extraction, surface differencing, slope calculation, backscatter processing, seabed characterisation, water column data analysis, fly-throughs, and movie generation.

Fledermaus bundles include FM Viz4D, FM Habitat, FM Offshore, FM Hydro and FM Pro. Any application bundle may be upgraded as project and company requirements change. As the Asia-Pacific VAR for QPS products Acoustic Imaging can recommend the appropriate package for your operations and provide local support for your survey objectives.

We also offer FM Pro as a lease option for shorter term projects.


Chesapeake SonarWiz

Template Chesapeake Logo

SonarWiz5® is an all-in-one suite of programs for the real-time acquisition and post-processing of sidescan sonar and subbottom profiler data. The software is designed to be simple to setup and easy to use, thus minimizing training time and costs.

Specifically intended for sidescan sonar and subbottom profiler use, the software offers powerful QC tools and intuitive data displays (map, waterfall, and profile) for a variety of analysis levels. Mosaics, isopachs, subbottom interpretations, seabed classification, change detection - practically anything required from sidescan sonar or subbottom profiler data is achievable.

Acoustic Imaging is a certified reseller and training/support centre for Chesapeake products. We offer a SonarWiz5 Office package for lease to clients with short projects or who want to assess the software before purchasing.


Applanix POSPac 8 - step into the future

Template Applanix Logo

Dec 2016: Applanix integration of Trimble Centrepoint RTX into POSPac GNSS Inertial software is a considerable step into the future of GNSS-Inertial gereferecing for marine sensors.  With PP-RTX the next generation GNSS Inertial solution replaces traditional DGNSS differential techniques.  It is robust and of centimetre level accuracy without the requirement for any terrestrial base stations.

If you are wondering how PP-RTX may help your operation, contact us here.  We understand the perculiarites of the Australian environment as well as the theory of PP-RTX GNSS-Inertial integration.  We will be upfront about whether it can meet your needs.  Contact us:


QPS Qimera

Template QPS Logo

Qimera is an easy-to-use yet powerful sonar data processing application from QPS.

Qimera supports all major raw sonar file formats and geospatially-corrected file formats in a Dynamic Workflow that revolutionises the way hydrographic data are handled and substantially improves the speed and accuracy of processing multibeam echo sounder data.....all while vastly improving the operator experience. Qimera intelligently and interactively guides the operator through the data processing stages, simplifying what traditionally has been learned through many years of data processing experience. Incorporating the latest computing technologies, the unique IO-balanced, multi-core engine in Qimera is specifically designed to process sonar data as rapidly as possible. The product contains a number of advanced tools including Sound Velocity Profile editing (with associated full refraction application), Calibration (Patch Test), Vertical Heighting (flexibility to assign height source from multiple input files), and Wobble Analysis (troubleshooting common sensor installation/integration issues). 

Qimera supervises less experienced users through the various stages of bathymetry data processing by intelligently prompting the necessary action(s). The Dynamic Workflow™ uniquely remembers what actions and settings have been applied to the project data, and hence is able to highlight files that need further processing actions in order to complete the workflow.

As the Asia-Pacific VAR for QPS products Acoustic Imaging can recommend the appropriate Qimera bundle for you, along with necessary add-ons to achieve the best survey results. We provide local support for all Qimera sales and can provide assistance in interfacing the software with your current survey equipment spread.

Acoustic Imaging also offers Qimera as a lease option for shorter term projects.


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